Opera 10 was a great release, but might have been ignored by some as the big news seems to be Chrome these days. It seems that the leading edge people have grown tired of the latest implementations of Firefox and only get excited by things coming out with the Chrome name on them.

Chrome is getting better, but it doesn’t implement enough of the stuff I really have gotten used to while using Opera. The widgets are useful, plentiful, and lightweight. The mail program works great, and the browser is faster than ever.

Still we look forward to the Carakan engine, and JavaScript performance that puts it in company with Chrome.

In an article on Download Squad, the  new looks and features are shown. The pre-alpha shows that almost all the distinctive features of Windows 7 are supported, and things like the Speed Dial choices are shown as part of the Jump List.

People who might have stayed away from the latest builds of Opera should find plenty to like, and by the time the version is released, the speed and power of Opera should be more than a match for Chrome, or Firefox.


Quote of the day:

I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.

– George Best

Get a faster browser, download Opera