With each iteration of Atom chips, Intel brings performance up, power usage down, and expands capabilities of the boards they reside on.

A piece in PCWorld this morning states that many, if not most, users will pass up a regular PC using a more expensive and power-hungry chip for a nettop or netbook PC.

While I can see the attraction for many as an additional PC, I certainly don’t see the netbook, especially, suddenly zooming to the forefront for many. Storage space and connectivity will make many want the more expensive machine.

What happens when the user wants to watch a DVD? Not many will want to buy an external DVD drive, no matter how slim, to plug in, LEGO style, to be able to view a disc.

What about multitasking? The very design of these devices means that, unless the tasks are very similar, you won’t be handling more than two things at once.

Beyond that, the netbook user will have to have small hands and good eyesight – that generally means women and small children for the former, and children for the latter. Though I don’t find the screen of a netbook hard to read, I find the keyboard very difficult to use.

I just can’t see it happening. How about you?


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