When I started working for the company I am employed by I was given a website that promised large discounts on “partner” companies.  These included everything from socks to computers.  As I looked through these offers I noticed that most were rather small.  Free shipping on $100 purchase and other similar discounts.

One offer caught my eye and I have been using it ever since for some great discounts to local restaurants.  Now, because Chris also has a link to these same coupons, I will post his link instead of the one I use. After all, he gave me this blog for free, I owe him something right?

The name of the company is Restaurants.com and the offers are almost always too good to pass up.  Right now, if you use THIS LINK and enter the code “SANTA”, you will get 80% off all purchases.  That’s $100 of food for $20!  I have yet to see the discount drop below 70% at any time.

So, here’s how it works.  You search the site for restaurants in your area and purchase “Gift Cards” in increments of usually $10 or $25.  Enter the code at check out and BAM! (Get it?  That was an Emeril joke) you get 80% off the face value.  Take the cards to the appropriate restaurant and enjoy your meal.

I keep several of these cards handy for treating my family to a fun night at the Mystery Theater where you witness a crime, try to solve it by interacting with the cast and enjoy an all you can eat Italian buffet, or a classy meal at the Chattanooga Choo Choo when I get a hot date.  O.K. so I haven’t used those yet but I’m hopeful!  I have also given several hundred dollars worth of the gift cards to the local aquarium for their “Gifts for Guppies” Christmas raffle and they think I am just the most generous person there is.  I left out the part where I only paid $20 for every $100 worth of cards, convenient huh?

Restaurants are added regularly and if you sign up for the email subscription you will be notified when a new one has been added in your area.

Finally, don’t forget to check out http://coupons.lockergnome.com for savings at hundreds of stores!

A big Christmas thanks goes out to Chris for this little gem!