When you use a social network like Twitter, are you guaranteed to only be followed by people who share your interests? Definitely not. In addition to spammers, you also have people that have no connection to what you do or what you’re interested in that can follow you. While you don’t have to directly connect with them, they still try to attach themselves to your account. There are social networks out there that focus on attracting a bunch of people that are interested in one thing, but that’s rather limiting because we all have a variety of interests. Simler is all about connecting you with people just like you.

The idea is actually quite simple but seems to work very well. As a user, you basically just enter tags related to things that you like, and by doing that, you’re able to find other fans of those tags that you can talk to. Each tag has its own page that you can use to keep track of the discussions on that topic. I really like the way Simler is trying to bring order to the social networking chaos, and so far, they’re succeeding.