No one who uses a BlackBerry wants to hear about the services offered being down. Yet despite this, that is exactly what has happened. Seems that RIM just had a run of bad luck with the messaging systems being out, effectively crippling BlackBerry users all over the country.

The social media Web sites have apparently been running wild with this, undoubtedly doing wonders for RIM’s PR team as it scrambles around to deal with damage control. But I think the biggest killer of all of this had to be not so much the missing email or calendaring, it’s the fact that even browsing the Web was affected!

Suddenly, despite all of the frustrations I have had with it, the iPhone doesn’t seem all that bad. Perhaps it’s the lack of a central service to fall apart that makes the difference here? Who knows for sure? The key thing, however, is that all of us are able to take a note from this and remember. Any mobile product that draws itself from a centralized service like the BlackBerry does is up for potential disruption. Certainly something to consider when purchasing enterprise friendly phones in the future!

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