Just when we thought the days of exploding laptops was over, up pops an Inspiron Mini 9 from Dell catching fire. The netbook which was only a few weeks old caught fire while it was being used by a consumer and left a nasty burn mark on her hardwood floor.

The victim of the blazing netbook stated the following:

“Hi, last night I unplugged my laptop from its charger, carried it downstairs, and placed it on the wood floor of my living room.

I heard a loud popping sound and the room immediately filled with smoke while the laptop hissed and sizzled. It died down, I pushed it with my foot, and it stared hissing again. There is a large scorch mark on my floor.

It goes without saying, I am glad the laptop was not on my couch …or in an airplane.”

I’m glad it didn’t happen on an airplane as well. Especially a flight that I might be on. To their credit Dell gave the victim a new computer upgraded to a better model for her trouble. Dell hasn’t as of yet explained why the unit caught fire.