Today a report surfaced on Techcrunch stating that the international traffic headed to Twitter continues to flatten out. During the month of November they barely made it by October in terms of traffic, getting to just about 60.3 million unique visitors compared to October’s 58.3 million unique visits. Although this may seem like a nice jump to you and I, it does not look good for a company that is supposed to be a competitor to Facebook and MySpace.

American traffic hasn’t been climbing either. In fact, Twitter has only managed to grab about 19.37 million unique visitors from the United States. Even worse, this is follows an 8 percent decrease in the month of October.

All of this traffic decrease comes at somewhat a surprise, considering that Twitter has just released their sites in multiple languages including Spanish, Italian, German and French. Additionally, they’ve finally made advertising deals with Microsoft and Google so that they can get a profit off of the service.

I’m starting to doubt Twitter and beginning to think that this traffic problem isn’t just a bump in the road. The rise of spam and fraudulent activity on Twitter is really becoming a¬†deterrent¬†to new users. I personally haven’t been using Twitter as much as I use to because I’m tired of seeing my direct message box full of spam. Additionally, Facebook is continuing to appeal to the younger generation, taking valuable users from Twitter. Twitter needs to grab onto that younger generation soon, or they risk losing an essential part of their business.