Searching through Twitter can be a daunting task because there are just so many tweets out there that are waiting to be discovered. The volume of tweets has continued to increase dramatically, which is making it even harder to not become overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s helpful to search through the entire Twitter community, but other times you may just want to search through tweets that are generated by your own community. These are people that you’ve specifically chosen to follow and communicate with on Twitter, so their comments obviously matter to you. Flocking Me dials down the noise and helps you to focus on what your friends are saying.

With this service, the scope of your searches is confined to tweets from your friends, which helps you to keep up with what they’re talking about. Tweets can also be displayed on a map so that you can get a geographic feel for what’s going on. Updates are delivered to you live, and the trends enable you to see what subjects for discussion are popular with your group. Happy tweeting, folks.