In a recent press release the folks at Harris Interactive showed that users spend about 13 hours online per week. Their poll of some 2,029 was conducted in July and October by the company and came up with these results. Surprisingly this is actually less than the 14 hours from a previous poll last year. Here are some of the statistics Harris Interactive posted on their site:

Those who are online

Other interesting findings in this Harris Poll include:

· The age groups that spend the most time online are those aged 30-39 (18 hours) and those aged 25-29 (17 hours) and 40-49 (17 hours).

· Half (50%) of all those online bought something on the Internet in the last month. This includes 62% of those aged 30-39 and 56% of those aged 40-49.

· The number of adults online, now 184 million (80%), has not changed significantly since 2008 and 2007. This includes those online at work, at home, at school or any other locations.

· However, the number of adults who are online at home has increased to 76% this year, and 75% last year, compared to 70% in 2006, and 66% in 2005.

So what?

The increase in the number of hours spent online in the last two years compared to all previous years is striking. It probably reflects a growing ability to use the Internet, an increase in sites and applications, increased TV watching online and increased purchasing online. Also, hours online may have increased because of the recession. Going online is free; going out usually costs money.

Since when was going online free? LOL I don’t remember when I last saw a free ISP. Overall the poll does suggest that there are those who actually spend more time online. Some 14% of those surveyed spend over 24 hours a week online. I fall into that category.

What about you?

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Harris Interactive Poll Results