If you are anything like me, chances are good you cannot stand fighting with those annoying automated menus and, instead, would rather simply get to a live person who might be able to help you.

Well today is your lucky day as I am about to introduce one of the best sources for getting to a live person with a variety of companies and services. It’s called Fonolo.com and it is awesome. What makes this so cool is that this is not merely a list of alleged direct numbers, rather, it’s a service that will alert the company you are trying to reach to call you… rather than having you dance around pressing phone buttons to reach someone.

So basically, this does a service for end users and companies alike looking to save some money in operator costs. Instead of being forced to navigate through phone menus, do so quickly on the Web and then wait for a simple call back from whomever you are trying to reach. Simple.

I did some testing and found that most of the big guys are listed. Comcast, Verizon, AT&T (mobile, land line, etc.), Charter, the list goes on. Qwest, however, is a letdown as it is not listed.

So next time before you are about to put yourself through this kind of thing on the phone, try Fonolo first!

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