So what does it take to get a site listed with Google News? I know someone who has done this recently and can offer some of the following insights on the matter.

Here are the basics of what I learned.

  1. News please, not so much opinion. This may seem obvious, but Google does not seem as receptive to how-tos or opinion pieces for inclusion.
  2. Content can be reporting on news breaking elsewhere, but you need to add some original spin to it while remaining newsworthy.
  3. Keep it short. Going off the deep end with too much content is not going to help you out. A couple of short summaries that explain who, what, where, and when will suffice.
  4. You need more than one author. This should be obvious, but Google News is dead set on this one.
  5. Multiple posts, at least M-F, if not also on weekends.
  6. Use a sitemap after you are accepted, then make sure your title is kept simple.
  7. Use an aged, established site well before applying. A new site with no history or “trust” in the Google bank is a waste of time. Work on it for some time first, then try applying. You generally need at least two months of news content before even trying to apply.
  8. Unique URLs and permalinks.
  9. Dedicated hosting. If you are writing about popular topics, don’t go into the ring with a Godaddy shared host – you will be destroyed when traffic hits.
  10. Follow other tips in this post.

Now to be clear, there are going to be other obvious factors that are generally similar to what one might see for using AdSense. Use common sense, study up on the subject and mark my words, it is totally doable to get your site listed in Google News. But it also means you must be able to follow the stringent requirements Google puts forth as well.

If you are successful, are able to present a Web site that looks and feels like a news site from the content down to the layout, chances are good you have a real shot.

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