I just finished reading about what appears to be a potentially new way to scam users. A reader asked about an unusual phone call his wife had received by an unknown person who identified themselves as a online computer repair person. The caller stated that the user was sending out ‘errors’ on their computer via the Internet. The caller stated he could fix the errors for a charge.

What was disturbing for the user was that neither he nor his wife subscribe to any such repair service. The user was inquiring if their were such services that could monitor their computer without their knowledge. The immediate reaction is that this was some type of a scam by the caller in an attempt to solicit business for their company.

My first thoughts was that this could of been a scam, not to repair the PC, but in an attempt to gain access to the computer to steal personal information from the user. The caller stated the company was called ‘Click and Fix’ but hung up when questioned further about the service.

The article went on to state that there is in fact a website called clickandfix.net, but the writer was unsure if this was in fact a reputable company or the company that actually made the call. On the website there is very sparse information about the company, including  a non toll free number and a non descriptive blurb about what or who the company is.The area code listed, 718, comes back to the Queens, N.Y. area.

This is just for informational purposes only and should serve as a warning to those who may fall for such a scam.

What do you think, cam or no scam?

Comments welcome.

SF Gate article source is here.