There should be an image here!I have watched Digg change a bit over this past year. In years past, I enjoyed the handling of various tech subjects. Sadly though, it has become a feature board for the best crap on the Internet. And in the year of 2009, there was much crap to be had indeed.

Some of the dumbest include AT&T blocking 4Chan, Pirate Bay verdict (who cares!), and a really silly Onion article on the keyboardless Mac. Other stuff however, falls into the more somber category. MJ’s passing, soccer star’s imprisonment, and so on. So at least it was not all crap, just a fair portion of it.

Perhaps that is the attraction of Digg. One man’s crap is another treasure. Despite some of the Digg’d stories being complete junk, others can be worth a read. As for the most dugg stories, well, the value of that is based on the eyes of the beholder I suppose.