I found myself doing a real double take after reading this headline in which it states that people such as you and I are now able to install Snow Leopard in VMWare. This is interesting as last I heard you would have to do some work to get OS X running on anything short of a Mac.

Now I know what you are thinking. Why would anyone want to do this? Actually, I found myself saying the same of Hackintoshes in general, as if someone wants a Mac that badly, wouldn’t it just be easier to buy one? But for the hardcore, this tutorial is fairly straightforward — legal issues ignored of course.

Now for the biggest question of all. Why do people want to run OS X off of the Mac? The expense of new hardware, convenience of being able to try out Mac apps without a Mac? What is the appeal? Hit the comments and let me know what it would take for you to install OS X on a PC or in a VM, assuming it was legal to do so.

Speaking for myself, I will continue to use operating systems legal and simple to install on my hardware of choice. It’s not as “cool” perhaps as OS X on a VM, but it works well enough for my own needs at this stage in my life.

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