It appears that DirecTV will be launching a new satellite that will enable the company to provide a 3D HD channel for your viewing pleasure. The announcement is expected to come at the 2010 Consumers Electronic Show scheduled on January 7, 2010 in Las Vegas. According to one source it also states that the new satellite will become fully operational in March, 2010.

How will DirecTV subscribers be able to watch this station? Obviously, they’ll need a 3D set from the growing list of manufacturers promising to offer compatible HDTVs, though most of these models don’t exist yet. Ones that are available, in the form of Mitsubishi DLP sets, will need a special 3D converter box. You won’t need a new set-top box, however, as that part of the technical equation will be taken care of in the form of a firmware upgrade. And, of course, you’ll need those special glasses to actually view that third dimension.

More details should be forthcoming during the convention next month. By then, you’ll be inundated with announcements concerning numerous new 3D HDTVs and probably more 3D programming options. Brace yourself for 3D frenzy.

So we should prepare ourselves for a glut of new HDTVs coming our way in 2010 that support 3D. It should be interesting to see how much these new TVs will cost. One could only guess that standard HDTVs could see further price decreases as the new 3D sets hit the street.

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