This is just cool, no two ways about it. Speaking as a guy who would love to get off the grid to a degree but not have to forgo the niceties of electricity, this battery sounds awesome. Okay, so it’s a  battery — big deal! Actually, it could be a very big deal.

As outlined in the piece linked above, this battery could provide the missing link with solar energy in powering homes. Hence, batteries that actually store enough energy effectively. Then there is price. Assuming pricing can be kept out of orbit for the typical home owner, then we might very well see these batteries teaming up with the various solar panel projects out there.

For myself personally, my interest in anything solar is due to potential for cost savings, assuming the cost of equipment came down to Earth. While still out of reach at this point, I feel confident that efforts like the Panasonic battery are where the future is at. After all, how cool would it be to get a check from the power company for giving them power! It happens, be it rarely.

[awsbullet:sanyo rechargeable batteries]