It was thirty one minutes of playing time for Allen Iverson. It must have felt much longer for the 76ers guard. He was returning to play for the first time since December 16th and he felt the time away from the game. He was quoted as saying: “Once I got my second wind I was all right. The first couple minutes I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest“.

In the win over the Portland Trail Blazers, Iverson contributed nineteen points, along with five assists.

link: box score Philadelphia and Portland

Whether one is a fan of Allen Iverson or not, few ever questioned his stamina or competitiveness. He is, by comparison, a small guard playing against much taller and stronger opponents. He has absorbed punishment throughout his career. It is part of his style of going to the basket. At thirty four years old, his formidable opponents now are age and injury. There is a greater toll for points scored and time on the court. Perhaps Allen Iverson will adjust his game; perhaps he considers himself ‘forever young’.

If one is a sports fan, the hope is that it will end well.

Catherine Forsythe