This is something that should appear on Jay Leno’s show, because of the utter idiocy, and the fascination that Leno has with the antics of stupid criminals.

It’s one of those truth-is-stranger-than-fiction stories, and originally appeared on CNet (in their Technically Incorrect column) –

This is definitely a question reeking of our delightful modernity: if you were an escaped convict, would you regularly update your Facebook status?

This question is significant because Craig “Lazie” Lynch has, according to, been on the run from a British prison since September. However, his Facebook page, updated with a plethora of bons mots Sunday, has stirred so many who admire freedom and, um, crime.

Lynch’s musings are enjoying the attention of more than 3,000, um, friends. They have been regaled with Lynch’s dilemmas, thoughts and wishes. This, for example, from Sunday: “Trying to figure out my plans for New Years. I know what I want to do but its not that easy.”

Who can but sympathize with his plight? It’s tough to get a reservation for dinner at a Gordon Ramsay establishment at such late notice. And if he wanted to take a lover for, say, a night at the Ritz, well, there might be problem with the credit card confirmation.

Lynch was serving a 7-year sentence for aggravated burglary before he slipped out of Hollesey Bay Prison, which is in the rather sleepy and flat part of England to the north-east of London.

The story gives more of the particulars, including the fact that this guy was close to the end of his sentence, so escaping was a very stupid thing. You have to call him clever, as he has not gotten caught thus far, but the escape circumstances must call into question the man’s intelligence quotient.

It just dawned on me that this entire story has a certain Robin Hood and the Sherriff of Nottingham aspect to it – probably not lost on the English as they keep up with his exploits.


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Happy Birthday to Sandy Koufax, one of my childhood heroes! “` Who knew Tiger Woods would be so infamous on his birthday this year? “` Jeff Lynne, thanks for the music!