Rumors have been flying around the Internet about the hardware specifications that  Google Chromium netbook may be offering when it is finally released. These are a few of the specs that have leaked on various Web sites:

The specified features include a compact display, sized at 10.1-inch, which was surprisingly made to the standard of HD-ready; in addition, it’s multi-touch. The monitor is powered by Nvidia’s latest Tegra chip, and the system also includes an ARM CPU, and SSD hard drive sized at mediocre 64GB (but it will be fast, thanks to the solid-state technology). The RAM memory is of 2GB, there are Bluetooth and 3G support, webcam, standard 3.5mm audio jack, multi-card reader, and multiple USB ports (some netbooks have only one). The OS, of course, will be the glorified Chrome OS.

What is also being stated by some is that the cost of this new netbook could be priced under $300, which would make it an attractive option for many of us. But with a release date estimated to be at the end of 2010, is it going to be a little too late to make a difference?

Some of the questions I would have concerning a Google based OS are:

Since the OS requires an Internet connection to function, wouldn’t a Linux or Windows based system be a better option when a user cannot connect to the Internet?

Battery life. Not much is known about how the new OS will handle battery power. I would want a Google OS system with at least six hours or more of battery life.

$300 price tag. This goes back to the arguments of why buy a user would buy a netbook when he can buy a laptop for about $350 when on sale?

What do you think?

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