Where I live, I’m close to a variety of scenic hiking trails, and my wife and I try to enjoy them as much as we can. Of course, the trails we regularly visit are near where we live, but there are countless trails of all different kinds around the world that can be enjoyed and you probably have a few of them near you, too. Instead of just visiting the trails and moving on, you can actually track your trip with EveryTrail.

The next time you travel down a trail, you’ll want to take along your GPS device or smartphone to record your progress. If you use a GPS device, you can upload your trip down the trail and the service will create a mapped version of your trek for you to review. You can also upload pictures from your trip and post them at specific points on the map. The cool thing about using a smartphone is that you can publish your trip and pictures from your mobile device right away. Your various trips can be embedded and shared in in many different ways, and your trip may even be an inspiration for someone who wants to follow your footsteps and enjoy the trip themselves.