I just read an article over at BussinessWeek by Ben Kuntz in which he describes the five ways that the Apple Tablet may change the world. I am glad he used the word ‘may’, because it ‘may’ also not change a thing. That is the beauty of the word ‘may’. You have a 50 – 50 chance that you ‘may’ be right. This is supposed to be journalism at its very best and it is this type of writing that is going to save printed news. Well I seriously doubt that it ‘may’ save the printed media nor will it save the world.

I have never understood why those who are paid to write content for well established printed news magazines or newspapers refer back to their journalism 101 classes. You first need to come up with a specific number, usually 5 or 10 of something to write either a positive or negative spin about. You next write something short and sweet about the subject matter and dazzle the reader by replaying worn out facts about the person or company.

Here is an example:

Apple may be introducing a new table PC sometime in April of 2010.

Here is where journalism 101 comes into play:

Established in Cupertino, California on April 1, 1976 and incorporated January 3, 1977, the company was called Apple Computer, Inc. for its first 30 years, but dropped the word “Computer” on January 9, 2007 to reflect the company’s ongoing expansion into the consumer electronics market in addition to its traditional focus on personal computers. Apple has about 35,000 employees worldwide and had worldwide annual sales of US$32.48 billion in its fiscal year ending September 29, 2008. For reasons as various as its philosophy of comprehensive aesthetic design to its distinctive advertising campaigns, Apple has established a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry. This includes a customer base that is devoted to the company and its brand, particularly in the United States. Fortune magazine named Apple the most admired company in the United States in 2008 and in the world in 2009.

Every journalist has access to pre written facts about every company, corporation, celebrity in the world, that they can add to a story to fill up space. Once this is done, the journalist now thinks about 5, 10 or some other number of pro or con items to add substance to the article.

In this case it is 5 reasons why the Apple Tablet will save the world:

The timing makes sense. The iPhone is three years old, the U.S. economy is rebounding, and gadget demand is pent up among Americans who held off on toy upgrades during the recession.

Isn’t it funny that Apple is already having one of their better years with the sale of their iPhone, new iPod and Macbook computers. Apple hasn’t been hurt by the recession. Their stock is very strong compared to some companies. Consumers are still buying toys. It is things like food and shelter they are struggling with buying.

So yes, the Jesus Tablet will appear. And yes, you’ll buy one with an artificially high price of, say, $800 as penance for being an early adopter. Within two years the price will fall to $199 until everyone including your 6-year-old has a gleaming, do-anything, interactive pane of glass on his or her desk.

This man doesn’t know anything about Apple products or the high premium Apple places on their products. I would guess that the Apple Tablet will be in the $999 or higher range. Their will be little discounting on this product since it is going to be a real computer with little or no subscription subsidy aka contract pricing to fall back upon, like they received for their iPhone from AT&T.

Here are the five things that the Apple Tablet may change:

• Magazine and newspaper publishing will bounce back as consumers rediscover paid subscriptions.

Hmm….. If people are like me they have already canceled their newspaper subscriptions. I also just let my subscription to Time magazine expire. So why would I run out and buy an Apple Tablet for a grand and turn around and pay for a news subscription?

• Television and radio ratings will continue to fall. Unlike print, TV and radio won’t fit easily into the Apple tablet’s format.

I beat if you asked people what they would rather have in their livings room. A new HDTV or a copy of your magazine, which do you think they would wish for?

Augmented-reality views of the world will increase. If you missed this trend, Augmented reality puts computer graphics on top of live video feeds, similar to the yellow line you see on the field in NFL games.

Funny. I have watched football for years without the yellow line. I could still tell how far the offense needed to go to get a first down. So pretty graphics are going to save the magazines and newspapers? I don’t think so.

• Two-way video on tablets will push communication costs even lower.

How much lower can they go. Google Talk already offers the service for free.

• Telecommuting may finally take off

Telecommuting has already taken off. I have been doing it for years. I don’t think an Apple Tablet PC will make it any easier than it already is.

Just my two cents.

Comments welcome.

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