Sometime before the witching hour last night I was looking at a video on YouTube, and noted that it was noted as a preview of a full length program only available through Veoh Download service.

So, thinking that, since I had some time on my hands, I downloaded their application, and began the download of the 600 MB file. Since I have a 7.1 Mb DSL connection, and expecting things to be slower than normal with all the New Year’s traffic (when I tried posting last night at around 10 PM PST, this site was running like 140W gear oil in the dead of Alaskan winter (yes, I know about this, that’s another story entirely)), I started the download, and then soon after, went to bed.

It has been 10 hours, and I have 10 MB of a 600 MB file. This is not as though I am trying to download a single-seed torrent of Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”; it is a travel log from the UK, which can’t be of that great an interest to many. Yet, there it is, 10 hours.

If this is what we have to look forward to, I can’t see this happening in my lifetime. (and the actuarial tables say I’ve got at least another 35 years!)

This is precisely why I think that video streaming will not soon take the place of television for any but the most sympathetic to the cause, or the well-heeled with smoking fast connections. That is not me on either count, so I must say, for now, and for most people I know, this earns a big PASS. As I was writing yesterday about the overcrowding of the internet should AT&T get its wish and hoodwink the FCC into thinking all POTS should be converted to VoIP, I wonder how much more congested the pipes would be if that happens any time soon. Sounds like a prescription for disaster to me.

Perhaps I’ll give it a try next year at this time.


Charlotte Ross PETA 2

I think I have a new favorite cause! (I suppose this would not be allowed in China, though Ed Meese gives it two thumbs up!)

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