It hasn’t been that long since the problem of the 4 digit year representation problem was solved, and now there is yet another problem with dates ( and no, it’s not the well known Unix problem). This one affects some SMS devices (Windows Mobile, wouldn’t you know!) and some EFT machines in Australia.

The blurb from slashdot offers no answers however –

An anonymous reader writes “It seems some systems are suffering from a Y2K16 bug. When 2009 ticked over to 2010, some Australian EFTPOS machines skipped to the year 2016. Coincidentally, some Windows Mobile users are also having issues with their new year SMSes coming from 2016. What function could cause this kind of error?”

Why  this is happening is an apparent mystery, but you (or at least I) would think that the date problems after the four digit year would have been taken care of until the time a fifth digit to represent the year was necessary.

I think some heads should roll, and I’d like to watch.


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