Right after the idiot terrorist tried to set a U.S. bound flight on fire just before landing, the TSA initiated new rules for airline safety. These rules were leaked and posted on the Internet by two bloggers who apparently received a copy of the directive anonymously via a Gmail account. TSA agents visited the bloggers and threatened time with jail time and the anonymous email was turned over to the agents. I am sure the TSA agents will be able to track down the person who sent out the email.

I recall when I read the leaked directive my first thoughts were, is this a wise decision to post this where anyone around the world can see it? This includes those who are bent on destroying the U.S. by any means possible. We are at war with people that have no respect for human life, who are fanatical terrorists who use woman and children to set off explosive devices to kill and injure people.

On the flip side I was also disturbed by the lack of security which allowed this man to even get onto a flight in the first place. I fly maybe 4 times a year to visit family and friends and have found the TSA screening a non issue. I recall one time in Chicago the alarm went off twice when I went through the scanner, and I was pulled aside. I was given a more thorough scan and it was a packet of sinus pills wrapped in aluminum foil that was setting off the scanner. Once I was done I thanked the TSA agents for their diligence.

I can understand the TSA wanting to find out who leaked the directive. I also can understand that the bloggers may have felt that the public had a right to know.

But what do you think? Who was right and who was wrong?

Comments welcome.