The IRS is proposing that paid tax preparers be required to take a competency test and also adhere to ethical standards. The new requirements will not be in place for this tax season, but the IRS hopes to have a plan in place before next year. Another requirement is that paid tax prepares also register with the government before applying their trade on the open market.

A recent article also states that:

“As tax season begins, most Americans will turn to tax return preparers to help with one of their biggest financial transactions of the year,” Shulman said. The new regulations “will help ensure taxpayers receive competent, ethical service from qualified professionals and strengthen the integrity of the nation’s tax system.”

Shulman said he hopes to have all paid tax preparers registered by the 2011 filing season. Preparers will be given about three years to meet competency requirements.

More than 80 percent of taxpayers use a paid tax preparer or tax software to complete their yearly returns. However, paid tax preparers are unregulated in many states, unless they are also lawyers, certified public accountants or enrolled agents who represent taxpayers before the IRS.

Lawyers, certified public accountants and enrolled agents will not be affected by the new regulations. Shulman said those preparers already are regulated through their professions.

I’m excited. I would be more excited if we tossed out all of the ugly rules and just have a flat tax for all Americans. This would totally eliminate all of the BS and cost that the average citizen must endure at this time of the year. Not only do we get screwed having to pay the tax, but we have to hire someone to find out how much the screwing will cost us! LOL

What do you think? How about a flat tax, people?

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