Surprising absolutely no one in the internet security community, there are reports that malware (malicious software) is increasing. There are millions of variants identified annually:

“Cybecriminals pumped out more malware in 2009 than they did in nearly 20 years, according to anti-virus vendor Panda Security.

During 2009, PandaLabs, the anti-malware lab of Panda Security, identified 25 million new malware samples, according to Panda Security’s Annual Malware Report, released Tuesday. Before 2009, PandaLabs had identified a total of 15 million pieces of malware in 19 years.”

link: Panda finds 2009 a record-breaking malware year

There is just no question that one has to take steps with security in mind. It is surprising – and irresponsible – how many people do not take online security seriously. Cybercriminals count on that.

Catherine Forsythe