I have heard of people using their household freezer to save their hard drive data, but I must admit, this is the first usable how-to that I have come across for doing such a thing. While to most people simply keeping up on timely backups is the best policy, others still may end up realizing this too late — often after a hard drive failure has occurred.

So this obviously begs the question — does freezing one’s hard drive actually work? As it turns out in some cases where changing the metal inside the drive is beneficial, it apparently can. But the actual process of freezing a hard drive with the slim hope of recovery requires timing, luck, and following strict procedures.

Speaking for myself, unless the data you are recovering is life and death, the entire process is just too involved and too time consuming. After all, if you simply remember to do weekly or daily backups in the first place, all of this drive freezing nonsense becomes a thing of the past. The again, this already happens when you consider we are already moving onto solid state drives anyway.

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