For the past few years I along with a lot of others in the blogging community, wrote about the future Google phone. What many of us had envisioned was a inexpensive phone that would be supported by advertising and provide a cheap cell phone experience. Many of us were fed up having to pay out our hard earned bucks to some corporateĀ  conglomerate just to enjoy having a cell phone on our person.

So much for dreaming. What we have with the Google Nexus One is another fancy phone that is more computer than an actual cell phone. It is a competitor to the Apple iPhone, no more, no less. The toys that come with the Nexus One are plentiful and you can test drive most of the features on the Google Nexus One web site.

Some of the benefits that are being touted by some are that the Google Nexus One is being sold by Google, and can be purchased unlocked for $529. A 2 year contract with T-Mobile drops the price down to $179. Such a deal! LOL

Please do not get me wrong. The Google Nexus One is a fantastic cell phone and I wish Google well in their new endeavor. It is just not what I and others had expected.

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Google Nexus One phone site