In a country that prides itself as being technologically advanced, it is still an unbelievable fact how many people in our country do not have a broadband connection. By freeing up more wireless spectrum, the hope is that other companies, besides the teleco giants, will be able to provide broadband service for a lower price. In a recent blog post it states that:

The Department of Justice filing states “Given the potential of wireless services to reach underserved areas and to provide an alternative to wireline broadband providers in other areas, the [FCC]’s primary tool for promoting broadband competition should be freeing up spectrum.”

The response continues, stating that among other obstacles impeding Clearwire, T-Mobile, Sprint, and others from deploying effective wireless broadband systems “the scarcity of spectrum is a fundamental obstacle that the [FCC] should address. Stated simply, without access to sufficient spectrum a firm cannot provide state-of-the-art wireless broadband services.”

The FCC request for input, and the DOJ response are indications of the urgency the United States government is placing on making broadband Internet access available universally. The problem is that much of the nation is rural and does not have the wired infrastructure necessary to deliver broadband access.

Increasing the availability of wireless broadband resolves two issues simultaneously. First, it would make broadband access available on a cost-effective basis in areas not currently served by wireline broadband service. Second, it levels the playing field between wireless and wireline broadband access and offers an opportunity for new players to compete against traditional communications giants.

I personally believe that this is a great idea and should be implemented as soon as possible. Without a broadband connection the Internet is basically useless for those left with dial up only. I couldn’t imagine life without broadband. What about you?

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