Jay Leno is a car buff and his Big Dog Garage hosts amazing vehicle from the past, including a Stanley Steamer and also a 1916 Owens Magnetic. Both the Steamer and the Magnetic were vehicles that were ahead of their times and were the world’s first green vehicles. Neither the idea behind the Steamer nor the Magnetic ever made it to the big time, but maybe this time around it will be the Chevy Volt that makes the dream of a semi electric vehicle come true.

Jay Leno takes the new Chevy Volt out for a spin and also questions Volt Chief Engineer Andrew Farah on what may be of concern to some shoppers who may  be considering buying a Volt when they hit the street in late 2010.

Listen to what Jay has to say about the Volt. It seems that he is very impressed with the car and enjoyed his test ride.

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Testing The Chevy Volt By Jay Leno