I routinely take pot shots at the TSA and baggage screeners.  But I only do it because it’s true, I swear.

I am, however, loath to take aim at poor defenseless animals, particularly dogs.

Unfortunately this story just appeared.  It turns out that several dogs were removed from service by the TSA because they failed to discover explosive materials.

If you think about it, this is only natural.  The TSA has failed to detect its nose on the front of its face, therefore the dogs follow suit.  It’s not the fault of the poor dogs: these canine dropouts were just trying to be more like their masters.

Officials say the affected dogs have been undergoing an intensive rehab training program since the failure.

Well, good thing they aren’t drug-sniffing dogs.

An intensive rehab training program?  HEY DOG.  THIS=BOMB.  Bark!

President Obama just got done saying that officials failed to connect the dots in the most recent attempted attack (the failed Crotch Bomber).  You can rest assured heads will roll.

If they can find any.


Now let’s all get serious.  But only for a moment, I swear!

I used to fly on vacation all the time.  When I flew in the summer of 2000, the worst I had to deal with was the airline losing my luggage.  The following year we the sheeple were cowed into standing in long lines, showing up hours in advance of our flights, taking our shoes off, having no more than two ounces of liquid at any time, and the total loss of our beloved ornamental box cutters (because men hijacked planes with boxcutters!).

What kind of free people are we?