It has happened to all of of us.The dreaded down zone with no cell phone service. Wilson electronics has been making cell phone boosters that can solve this problem, but the units have cost over $300. But the company has recently announced a new slim model that will sell for under $130 once it is introduced. According to to a recent article it also states that:

This handy gadget resembles a hands-free car cradle, but offers extended calling range and signal strength for your phone.

Measuring 4-by-2-by-1-inches, the Sleek cradle is the smallest cell phone booster in the company’s product line and works with a variety of phone models including hot smartphones like the iPhone 3GS and the Motorola Droid. And while it is designed to work in your vehicle, you can also use it in your home or office with an optional accessory package (price TBA).

Here is what the sleek cell phone booster looks like:

What isn’t known about the unit is how much it will boost the signal and how well it will work in rural areas. It should be interesting to see the unit tested once it hits the streets. I do like the idea that the unit is slimmer than the previous models Wilson has introduced.

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