There should be an image here!The Internet constantly has new content flowing through it each day — each second, for that matter! This thought had me thinking that, with all the content available on the Web, what really stands out? Everyone wants their content read and shared with others. However, since the Internet is noisy and has so much content out there, you really don’t know what to check out half the time. This leads me to the power of video. After hearing a lot of buzz around the Internet that 2010 is the year of social TV, I started to realize how true this really is.

Everyone has a blog, but getting people to actually trust what you say and take interest is another story of its own. So what does video provide that text-based content doesn’t? Well, I recently listened to a podcast on Blog Talk Radio and T.S. Elliott, who was the guest on the show, mentioned that video allows you to see who the person sharing the content is. It helps build trust and they, in turn, will know they are dealing with a real person. This couldn’t be more of an accurate description on why video is so powerful. Just think, everyone is writing, but not many are video blogging or producing video content in general. Yes, I know there are a lot of people who post videos, but there is still more text-based content out there. This all goes back to 2010 being the year of social TV. I definitely see it coming and eventually taking over text-based content. There will always be writers out there, but readers take kindly to video over actual reading because it feels more personal and there’s more of a social interaction.

Here’s another example from my own personal experience that shows how valuable video is. About a month ago, I started following the work of Gary Vaynerchuk. At first, I didn’t realize he was a blogger, nor did I know his primary expertise was with wine. Then I stumbled across Wine Library TV where he talks about wine and reviews it via video. First, let me mention, I am not passionate about wine, nor am I a wine guy. However, I still look forward to seeing Gary’s wine show because I can actually see something happening in front of me. It’s far more entertaining to see something via video than to read it, in my opinion. When something is in the form of video, you can see an individual’s passions come through on the screen. When something is done through text, you can only read it. You don’t know the emotions the individual is feeling on the other end. I believe Gary’s passion for what he does and being able to see it every day is what keeps me tuned in. Like I said, I don’t care about wine and if this was done through text-based content, I wouldn’t care.

Video is going to grow as the years go on, but will it ever completely replace text-based content? I don’t think so. Text-based content will always be around, but I believe the demand for it is declining as more people want to see video. I know I will always watch the video review of a product instead of reading an article review. It’s more personal and it seems more authentic. Like anything, it’s all about personal preference and how you want content distributed to you. Which way do you prefer to get your content? Is video your favorite method, or do you still prefer to read? I wonder when everyone is going to jump on board and have the video content rolling in. I know it’s something I am working on now and I believe it will only get better in the years to come.

Frank Angelone is the founder of Social Tech Zone where he provides businesses and individuals with news and tips to better themselves in the world of social media and technology. He also is the author of the Computer Speed Blueprint, where he teaches those using Windows how to increase the speed of their computer.