Showing once again that there is so much cross-pollenation in tech from the Orient, Foxconn makes a bold statement concerning the output from their factories in the new year.

The company is wanting to bring 12 million LCD televisions to market in the next 12 months, and the story from Maximum PC shows why that could happen. Foxconn supplies the LCDs for some well known retail names.

Let’s put this one in perspective. In 2009, OEM manufacturer Foxconn (otherwise known as Hon Hai Precision Industry) shipped between 1-2 million LCD TVs. But that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the company’s goal in 2010, which is to ship a minimum of 12 million units on an OEM/ODM basis.

Should Foxconn ultimately meet its goal, it would become the second largest TV contract manufacturer in Taiwan, trailing only TPV Technology.

One of Foxconn’s biggest (and newest) customers includes Samsung, who has been buying panels from Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO). CMO will soon merge with Innolux Display, a subsidiary of Foxconn, making this new relationship possible.

Other TV clients in 2010 will include Sony, who is expected to purchase 5 million units, LG (2 million), and Vizio (1-2 million).

Which shows that there is no way to tell who really makes what you purchase, and the chances of whatever it might be being made by only one manufacturer are approaching nil.

All this from a small company that used to OEM Compaq stuff, back when Compaq was a respected brand.


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