Seems like a battle that is never ending. Trying to determine whether or not Android is going to catch up to the iPhone honestly comes down to a single thing — provide the apps people want. While it is fair to point out that the iPhone has a head start, the fact of the matter is not only does the iPhone have more applications available… they are the ones of importance missing on Android.

In my own household, the lack of movie/video content makes me wary as I have found myself with a set of ear buds watching movies on long drives lately (obviously as a passenger). For my wife, the Kindle app is her new crack. She has all but stopped buying paper books and loves that application like it was giving her every life breath. I find it amusing myself.

That’s all Android would have to do in our household to get us to switch. We both loathe AT&T and would happily jump ship to Verizon in a cold minute, contracts not withstanding. Truth be told, I really don’t “need” to watch movies on my phone. At one time, I would have told you the very idea is just stupid. But speaking to the guys out there, if you get sucked into a shopping trip with your spouse… there is no better escape as your wife is free to explore what she is looking at the mall while you catch up on your favorite shows. It’s been a really big benefit to us in the past.

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