The good news is that the Pre will be supporting Flash as the company had promised by the end of 2009… the bad news is the Pre you wanted came out after you foolishly purchased the first one. Today’s Pre Plus has the features users wanted from the first unit. Better slider mechanism, improved keyboard — which also means more responsive keys.

What was interesting, as Mashable had noted, was that the new Pre felt more like the Pixi… which, again, if going to miff a number of existing Pre owners as the phone was pretty clunky. The final smart move, too, was to take the emphasis off of it being a Palm device and instead go with the Verizon branding.

Sadly, Palm is not really a brand anyone uses proudly anymore. Hopefully the Verizon branding will help with this. Plus the great news for everyone, too, is that Flash is still coming. And unlike what the rumors say, it’s coming too all Pre phones.

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