Have you ever watched a movie and liked it so much that you wanted to watch it again with one or more of your friends? Instead of just telling them to go see it, you want to be there to watch it with them so that you can be there for their reaction. That may sound silly, but we’ve all probably done it before at one time or another. This desire for a social viewing experience also carries over to the Internet, and that’s why people are compelled to share videos they like on services like YouTube with their friends so that they can watch them, too. While you may not be able to be in the same room with them to see their reaction with your own eyes, you can watch videos with other people using synchtube.

When you find a video on YouTube that you just have to share, you can paste the URL on synchtube and create a viewing room that can be shared with others through a unique URL. All of the people that you want to see the video can navigate to the room and you can synch up to watch the video at the same time. A chat window is available so that everyone can talk about what they’re watching while they watch it. Once again, this just goes to show that you never have to be alone on the Internet.