For the past month or so we have been hearing quite a bit about the new HDTV’s that are going to be making there way into our homes. On paper we are being promised a new experience that can only be offered by 3D. In addition we are being promised that 3D channels will be coming our way soon. Some articles I have read also indicate that if we don’t run out and purchase a 3D enabled TV we will be losing an opportunity to enjoy what is being described as a stellar experience.

But is this more hype than fact? Should we all dump those new LCD’s and Plasma TV’s we bought to get 3D, or is this just a gimmick to get us to spend more money? You might think I am skeptical of 3D, that is because I am. According to an article from paidContent, this could be what happens to the future of 3D:

Reading some reports put out by the industry (see the 3-plus million estimate reported in this BBC piece from earlier today, for example), you might fall for the assertion that just because millions of people watched Avatar in 3D that they will all run right out and buy a $2,000 3D TV set. Here are the top three reality checks for 3D TV.

These reasons are exactly why I believe that consumers need to wait and see just how much the industry is going to invest in 3D, before jumping on the band wagon. This could turn out to be nothing more than hype in an effort to get consumers to buy what some are saying is going to be the future of HDTV.

I for one am still skeptical. I couldn’t believe how long it took just to get TV stations to broadcast in HDTV. As many of you know not all TV stations have made the change. Some smaller stations were granted exemptions because they had a small viewing audince or because they could not afford to upgrade their equipment.

There is another reason I am a skeptic. Back in the 80’s I bought a four channel receiver which was touted as being the future. Japan had already changed over to 4 channel broadcasts on their FM stations and I thought the U.S. would be soon to follow. The 4 channel broadcasts never happened. I ended up with a very expensive paper weight.

This time around I will wait and see if 3D really happens before I invest in new equipment.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.