Ever picture yourself driving a Cadillac SUV? Something with crisp lines and a European heritage?

Put aside those thoughts of the oversized Escalade; the 2010 Cadillac SRX is half the Escalade’s size and three times as cool… if you enjoy driving, rather than piloting a luxury barge. Based on the European-designed Opel Antara, the new SRX delivers a completely different driving experience, with a tight ride and a manageable size. You park this one, rather than dock it.

The cabin is packed with plenty of high tech goodies, including standard Bluetooth, USB iPod integration, a 40 GB hard drive, heated seats front and rear (with ventilated front buckets), turn-by-turn OnStar, and a dramatic 8-inch touch screen navigation system that rises from the dash.

The coolest tech? Adaptive forward lighting follows the curves in the road ahead, bringing memories of the ground-breaking but ill-fated Tucker automobile’s Cyclops Eye.  The downside? Mediocre gas mileage and a hefty sticker price.

Resource: 2010 Cadillac SRX Review