If you can’t sell cars because of their quality, or for their fuel economy, sell them for their gimmicks. Ford is now in the lunacy business of adding speech to text so you can text message while you drive. Ford has indicated that its $395 option will include speech to text messaging, plus:

The automaker also is incorporating the Twitter social network’s Open Beak application into Sync and is adding Pandora and Stitcher Internet radio and MapQuest.com’s online mapping information. Ford developed its own Web browser, which can be operated only while the car is parked, Kuzak said.

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting tired of the craziness with which we allow idiots to drive with a cell phone in their ear, or sending text messages with both hands while their eyes look at their groin area?

Ford, which has endorsed legislation to outlaw texting while driving, said its research indicates that hands-free communication doesn’t distract drivers.

I love you, Ford. If a driver in one of your speech mobiles rear ends me while using your hands free communication system, I’ll be seeing you in court. I could use some extra cash. I hope you have this built into your profit margins. LOL

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood testified Oct. 29 that he found Ford’s Sync system distracting when he tested it on a Taurus sedan during a visit to Dearborn.

“As much as I liked driving the Taurus and as much as I liked the Sync system where you put your BlackBerry in and it syncs all your numbers, it’s a distraction,” LaHood told a House highways subcommittee at a hearing on distracted driving.

I love you even more, Ford. Even the Transportation Secretary finds your system distracting. He will make a valuable witness in court when you get sued.

What do you people think? Are you as annoyed as I am that our vehicles are becoming rolling technology labs so the greedy corporate types can make more money?

Let me know.

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