Oh those good old days of the cold war when we could blame everything on the Commies. But when Communism took a nose dive on the world scene, when Russia did a split-n-ski [I made that word up], we had to wait until 9-11 to find ourselves a new enemy. We Americans love an enemy around every corner since we have to justify the huge cost of our military complex, But there is one other thing we Americans love. Rumors and leaks of every kind.

So this evening when I read a post on a web site about an alleged leaked build of Office 2010, plus the rumor that Office 2010 could go RTM in April, I thought to myself ‘who cares’? WE DO! Will Apple have a tablet computer? Who cares? WE DO! When Tiger Woods drives his Caddy off the road running away from his wife who is chasing him with a golf club, who cares? WE DO! Heck, we don’t even care if the rumors are true or not. We love this kind of stuff.

Or do we? What would you rather have, just the facts, or rumors and alleged leaks?

Comments welcome as always.