Big bum and thighs ‘are healthy’

Not particularly appealing either….

Cellphone Radiation Shows Promise In Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment In Mice
Do they have tiny little Bluetooth earpieces too?

Texas Teen Denies Hiring Classmate To Kill Mother
Maybe she forgot…

Sarah Palin Takes Fox News Commentator Job

Yet another great reason not to watch Faux News.

Despite Obama’s Statement, We’re Already in Yemen

Please tell me they’re not suggesting that our government LIES to us…

Muslims gather to denounce terror attacks.

Where the hell have you guys been?

McCain aide: Palin Believed Candidacy ‘God’s Plan’
And people voted for her!

Campaign to Move Money From Giant Banks to Community Banks Is Going Viral

Let me take it up a notch by suggesting credit unions.

Is Dick Cheney Really That Bad?

Worse, actually.

Chavez orders National Guard to stop price rises

Can’t you see Obama doing this to prevent gas gouging?

Twisted: Administration’s ‘safe schools czar’ and the North American Man-Boy Love Association

Somebody needs ousting.

Shock study: 12% of kids sexually abused in govt. custody

MK-ULTRA never went away.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Says Forget Privacy

Fine – what’s his social security number?


Make Backspace in Windows 7 or Vista Explorer Go Up like XP Did

Barnes & Noble Saves Students Money with New Textbook Rental Service

Make Your Own Twinkies (Without the 100-Year Shelf Life)

Top 10 Winter Survival Tools and Tactics

How to Run your Older Programs in Windows 7/Vista

10 Mistakes Linux learners should avoid