There should be an image here!While living in NYC last year, I became familiar with this whole social media/digital marketing thing and found it quite appealing. So I got a Twitter account and began to follow social gurus such as @Mashable, @JeffBullas, @Forrester or @DanSchawbel.

I discovered this wonderful thing Americans invented called “Personal Branding.” Dan Schawbel is actually considered THE guru regarding this matter. In order to keep things professional and decent, I began to post and retweet all kind of stuff I found interesting about social media. And to be honest, there are a lot. It’s impossible to read it all.

To support my strategy I would always explain to my friends that some people use Twitter to tell others the uninteresting things that happen in their daily lives but that others, such as myself, used it as a news aggregator on a very precise subject: social media. As if I got it all.

But today one of my friends recently told me it was making me BORING… and I actually agree with her!

Making a good use of Twitter is not an easy thing to do. Most people you follow specify many things about their life that might not interest you that much. But by sticking to a completely professional Twitter, you are taking the risk of becoming boring and eventually nobody reads your tweets anymore.

So is the art of Twitter a balance between life experiences and professional tips?

In order to become a good Twitter user and actually give people the envy to read your posts you must reach this “subtil Ă©quilibre” — it’s French; sorry, that will make the difference.

I guess what my friend told me was something like: “hey, you like social media? Cool. But it doesn’t define you entirely, so be yourself and then I might read you.”

Many people regard Twitter in France as an uninteresting thing — something not challenging. Well I guess my friend proved them wrong.

Alexandre Corda is a Parisian living a global life. An examiner of sorts, especially all things social media. In life the odder, the better.

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