The poor USB port has almost been forgotten by most of us. Though we most likely use it on a daily basis, we seldom give much thought to it. It has just become a common piece of everyday life. So just when we are comfortable and kicking back using the 2.0 standard up pops a new kid. Called Super USB, the new 3,0 standard is on its way. In theory the new USB 3.0 should be 10 times faster than 2.0.

According to PC World they state the following information:

The theoretical throughput improvement offered by USB 3.0 is dramatic — a theoretical 10X jump over existing USB 2.0 hardware. USB 2.0 maxed out at a theoretical 480Mbps, while USB 3.0 can theoretically handle up to 5Gbps. Mind you, applications like storage will still be limited by the type of drive inside; so, for example, you can expect better performance from RAIDed hard drives or fast solid-state drives (SSDs) than from, say, a standalone single drive connected to the computer via USB 3.0.

One of the things to look for in the coming months is the certified SuperSpeed USB 3.0 logo. Products are currently filling the queues at the official certification testing labs, but presence of that certification logo will give you some peace of mind that the product you’re buying truly does live up to the USB 3.0 spec.

And this time around, the way the USB spec is written, says Jeff Ravencraft, consumers should have an easier time finding products that are truly USB 3.0. Before, in the transition from USB 1.1 to USB 2.0, the USB 2.0 spec was written in a way where it “encompassed low, full and high-speed USB,” explains Ravencraft, president and chairman of the USB Implementers Forum. “Since those are all encapsulated in the USB 2.0 spec, [vendors] could have a certified product that’s low-speed, but still call it USB 2.0.

“We don’t have that issue with USB 3.0 To claim you’re USB 3.0, you have to deliver 5Gbps. There’s no other way to get the certification.”

This is good news that devices will need to be certified and actually have a 5GB rate. Being backward compatible is a must, so 3.0 should be a no brainier upgrade.

I’m loonking forward to USB 3.0. What about you?

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