While the search giant for China appears to be back up now, it was taken down in a big way by a group calling itself the “Iranian Cyber Army.” It’s still unclear as to who is actually responsible here or why they would target a Chinese search engine. But one thing is for sure: Baidu was hit hard enough that it took quite some time to get the site back up.

Here is where it gets weird. This same group also attacked Twitter last month. So clearly this is a group trying to send a message. Unfortunately for it, we seem to be missing exactly what that actual message is. Maybe it’s merely an attack on anything to do with people talking or searching? Who knows?

The funny part is that no one blinked an eye when Twitter went down — largely due to the fact that Twitter users see it going down as part of the daily routine, so why would they be concerned? Perhaps this group could hit Facebook next. Wait, again, who’d notice with the “sorry, we’reĀ  having a problem right now” message that plagues that service as well? No, obviously targeting Web 2.0 sites is not where it’s at.

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