Found this article a bit disturbing. Not because the resources were all based in China, rather because they were all based in a single location! Imagine how frustrated I was to learn that 95% of the rare Earth metals come from one centralized location. Worse, that same centralized location is said to need ALL of its resources in just a few years.

On the flip side, I am going to say here soon Molycorp in Colorado is going to be on a hiring streak… being it will be among the few left available to provide the mines needed for such materials. Alternative materials, anyone? Unless we are looking forward to a future where will be paying through the nose for computers.

Could this be the end of cheap computing? Perhaps, instead, we will finally find ways to have an upgraded computer expense without needing to upgrade quite as often? Definitely open to some thoughts on the pricing aspects of this. Hit the comments, share your thoughts.

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