In a rather embarrassing but also hilarious twist, a website down under has posted a position for which the requirements seem totally unrelated to the job at hand.

The notice made it into ITWire, which took notice and immediately did the required checking –

Last Friday the popular Australian recruitment web site SEEK hosted a position vacant for a software developer that, among more technical requirements, should ideally have DD cup breasts and a slim waist.

Australian’s know SEEK; the website arguably holds the mantle as the country’s primary web-based career web site.

Imagine the surprise, however, when software developers looking for employment around the New South Wales (NSW) and Victorian border came across an advertisement with rather unique requirements.

Border Express, a well-known privately owned transport company, advertised on Friday for an “IT Develooper” (sic) to be based in South Albury.

The IT Department, the advertisement said, is responsible for the effective development and maintenance of Border Express’ IT infrastructure. An experienced software developer was required who ideally possessed several skills.

Some of these skills were conventional technology matters such as experience with SQL Server, Visual Basic, Microsoft .NET, the usual thing.

Some were so-called soft skills, like a responsible and professional attitude and the ability to communicate well.

However, one requirement stipulated in the advertisement potentially ruled out at least half the available workforce, if not more:

“DD cup breasts, slim waist, tight twat”

The advertisement has subsequently been modified to exclude this precise ideal skill but UK-based news site The Register managed to acquire a snapshot for posterity of the original wording.

Border Express wrote to The Register and explained that the job posting did not initially contain this wording. They claim a hacker later modified the advertisement directly online and that neither SEEK nor Border Express had any hand in posting the advertisement as seen.

Border Express say the Australian Police are investigating the matter.

I’m not sure how much work would get done for the first week or two after a hire, but certainly things would settle down and programming skills would win out.


Keeley Hazell Relax Chickipedia 01

One wonders if Keeley Hazell  has programming skills. Until today, the thought never crossed our minds.

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