In a way, I like buying tickets for events because that means that I’m going to get to go to something, but at the same time, I usually feel like I’m getting ripped off, and that’s probably because I am. Ticket prices constantly change, and with so many different ways in which you can buy event tickets, there’s almost always a way to get tickets for less money than what you spent. A site called SeatGeek brings math to the ticket buying equation with good results.

Whenever you’re thinking about buying tickets to a sporting event or concert, you can just search for what you’re looking for on the site to get your price forecast. The price forecast is developed by taking into account historic and current pieces of data to let you know if you can expect the price to go up or if it’s likely to go down. By looking at the chart, you’ll know if you should buy the tickets now or not, and if you do decide to buy them, some of the best available ticket deals are displayed for you. Take that, Ticketmaster.