This is a test of the new Dragon Naturally Speaking software to see how it works. As many of you already know I recently purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking software version 10 which was on sale at Circuit City for $29.95 after a $25 rebate. The software package also included a headset and microphone. Here are some things I learned while setting up the speech recognition software.

The first thing I learned was not to listened to some of the reviewers of the software. One person stated that Dragon Naturally Speaking software, version 10, would not work with Windows 7. Hogwash! It works just fine. It took me several days of trying to get the software working on Windows 7, using XP-Mode, which didn’t work correctly. I should say that the software worked correctly, however, there was a rather large delay in saying the words and having the words appear on the screen. Also, with only 512 MB of RAM  dedicated in XP-Mode,  I was getting ‘out of resources’ errors as well. So I decided to use the software with Windows 7 and it worked just fine.

I also learned that you need a lot of patience in setting up the software. Trying to rush through the tutorials caused me some headaches. Once I slowed down and took the training seriously, I noticed a remarkable difference on how the software responded.

It has taken me about a week to finally get the software working properly. Most of that time was my own fault. I would recommend this software to anyone who has the patience to correctly train the program and also follow the directions provided.

Comments welcome.

PS Thanks to all of you who originally responded to my questions about Dragon Naturally Speaking software. I appreciate your valued opinions. I am glad I stuck with it and to have the software working properly.