Though the Nintendo Wii may be the most popular gaming console of them all, the console is now powerful enough to stream video in HD. So when Netflix and Nintendo joined forces to allow video streaming from a $9 a month Netflix account, the Nintento Wii shows its age. The Wii is not powerful enough to handle streaming in HD, so a new console box is in the works for next year.

One news article further stated:

Wii owners will need to receive a free software disc in the mail from Netflix and put it into their console when they want to watch a movie, as on the PS3.

The Wii, unlike the PS3 and Xbox, is not powerful enough to display high-definition streaming video. Some analysts and industry observers expect Nintendo to announce a new Wii HD version of its console next year.

Though it is now more than three years old, the original Wii continues to charm casual gamers with its unique style of game play, which involves physical gestures. Nintendo said it sold three million units in the United States alone over the holidays, outselling both of its rivals, and has sold a total of 26 million in this country.

Once the free disks become available from Netflix, I’ll take the Wii for a spin to see how well it works with streaming video. But I believe Nintendo must come up with not only a Wii that supports HD, but also a unit that supports a wireless connection.

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